Precision machining brought to flight

Numet is guided by the following Values applied universally with employees, customers, and suppliers.

They describe our company as we want it to be and as we are trying to operate it. We will strive to make our decisions and actions reflect these Values. We believe that putting these Values into practice is key to supporting the Mission of Numet.

  • Reliability We will be consistent in our actions by saying what we do, and doing what we say
  • Accountability Each and every one of us will take responsibility for our commitments, actions, and results
  • Integrity We live by the highest standards of honesty, ethics, fairness and respect in all interactions
  • Agility We will quickly adapt to the changing needs of our customers, markets and business
  • Creativity We will challenge the status quo and where appropriate, develop innovative alternatives by thinking "out of the box"
  • Objectivity We will be data-driven and make fact-based decisions
  • Responsiveness We recognize time is a valuable commodity and will act quickly and effectively in all of our actions
  • Teamwork We will foster a trusting, collaborative and open approach to work where we respect the ideas and contributions of everyone
  • Energy We will seek out and encourage employees that have can-do attitudes and who make the extra effort to succeed
  • Responsibility We will strive to be an admired company for the way we interact with our environment and our community