Precision machining brought to flight

How we do what we do.


Numet has assembled a team of experienced and dedicated employees whose sole focus is producing the finest jet engine components in the industry. We know that to produce the best products, we need to attract and retain the best people. To this end, we have created an exceptional work culture where every employee is considered a valuable member of the team whose input is valued and where each person can maximize their potential. In addition to offering competitive wages and benefits, we provide one of the cleanest and most organized work environments with an emphasis on safety and ergonomics. These efforts have resulted in a voluntary turnover rate that is less than 2% per year. 

Nearly 60% of our staff has been hired since Numet was recapitalized with major private equity investments in 2011, while the legacy staff has an average tenure with the company in excess of 15 years. This influx of new personnel with targeted skills, combined with the stability of the existing workforce, has created a powerful pool of talent that is fueling a 15% annual organic sales growth for the foreseeable future.


In 2012, Numet moved into a modern state-of-the-art, 40,000 square foot facility located in Orange, CT. This facility is 100% air-conditioned to maintain the tolerances required in the parts we produce. It also features high wattage, high efficiency lighting, high gloss epoxy flooring, and fully refurbished equipment to reduce employee fatigue while ensuring visibility for precise measurements. There is also a Class 100K clean room for assembly operations requiring this environment. The facility also features the latest electronic access, security and video monitoring systems to ensure customer data integrity. An emphasis on environmental, health and safety compliance has been integrated into all operations. The building also features locker rooms, showers and other features that make for an excellent working environment for the employees.

The production floor has been laid out using the latest in Lean manufacturing techniques, factoring in product flow, ergonomics, in-line quality monitoring, barcode data collection, workplace organization and cleanliness, and quick-change tooling and fixtures.


It is the policy of Numet Machining Techniques to maintain our ISO 9001 / AS9100 certified procedures to the highest standards of the Aerospace Industry. Numet is currently certified to ISO-9001 and AS9100 quality standards. We are also Nadcap certified for Conventional Machining as a Special Process, specifically for P11TF12 hole drilling.

Current customer approvals include General Electric Aviation, Pratt & Whitney, Tinker Air Force Base, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia, DLA, Defense Supply Center Richmond, and the US Navy.

Several Numet employees have achieved the designation of Certified Supplier Quality Representative for both Pratt & Whitney and General Electric Aviation, and have been given the ability to self-release shipments to both customers. Our quest for continuous improvement and lean manufacturing is the environment that our employees work in every day.


Numet utilizes a vast array of machining equipment that combines both state of the art precision turning equipment as well as five axis milling capacity that is well suited for today's complex machined components. Our six 5-axis machining centers allow for multiple applications to be performed on both horizontal and vertical applications without the need for additional setups, enhancing productivity and enhanced product quality.

We have VTL turning capacity up to 65" in diameter using machines that have been updated with CNC controls, combining the structural rigidity required for machining large parts with the accuracy and consistency of automated operation.

Numet is also approved to produce many assemblies that involve laser drilling, EB and resistance welding, brazing, EDM and non-destructive testing. Our industry knowledge and experience working with these various applications allows us to provide more value-added product to better serve our customers demanding requirements.

Master Equipment List 2017 (pdf)